Flirt Parfum

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Flirt is a mix of fresh-cut fruits and a kiss from the afternoon sun. A scent blend that inspires confidence with its airy, luminous, and addictive profile.

Opening with fruity scents of apple and peach, followed by a deeply penetrating combination of warm vanilla and marigold. The blooming of fresh flowers then evolves into a glorious base of mossy cedarwood that lingers in the air, anchoring the composition of this luminous feminine scent. As its name suggests, this scent is for the fiery, flirtatious, and expressive.

Inspired by the sun-drenched sky at dawn, Flirt’s elegant pink bottle much like the perfume itself, exudes sensuality and is an ode to all the things that make women truly magical. Spritz once in the morning and re-apply regularly for a sparkling pink aroma that continues to blossom throughout the day.